7.5 inch gauge 0-4-0

This steam locomotive was designed by Kozo Hiraoka. His excellent how-to book describes in detail how to construct this complex project. The model is based on a Pennsylvanian Railroad A-3 0-4-0. The headings on this web page follow the organization in Kozo's book. Heading links will become active as I get to each step.

1.  Introduction
2.  Tender Wheels
3.  Tender Truck Frames
4.  Tender Frame
5.  Tender Tank
6.  Tender Manhole
7.  Tender Steps and Handrails
8.  Hand Pump
9.  Tender Piping
10. Main Frame
11. Axle Boxes
12. Driving Wheels
13. Side Rods and Main Rods
14. Cylinders
15. Pistons and Crossheads
16. Guide Yokes
17. Valve Gears
18. Reverse Gear
19. Cylinder Cocks
20. Feedwater Pump
21. Lubricator
22. Grate and Ashpan
23. Boiler
24. Fire Door
25. Smokebox
26. Headlights
27. Boiler Jacket and Handrails
28. Throttle and Safety Valves
29. Steam Dome, Sandbox, and Bell
30. Manifold and Whistle
31. Water Gauge and Valves
32. Cab
33. Water Piping
34. Oil Tubing
35. Couplers
36. Carrying Cases
37. Painting
38. Operation and Maintenance (I can't wait!)

I learned of Kozo Hiraoka's series of books through Live Steam Magazine and bought myself a copy of the A-3 switcher book.

These are wheel castings that will be used on the tender and locomotive.
Castings are from Allen Models.
Driver casting is from the Consolidation.
Tender wheel casting is from the archbar truck kit.